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Patient Engagement Solution Now Available on Cerner’s EHR System

Health Hero's patient engagement and social determinants of health solution is now available on Cerner's EHR (Electronic Health Record system).

Our solution oriented app integrates directly into Cerner's EHR so members and providers can provide better patient care & engagement, while improving staffs workflow and productivity. We believe the key to successful patient engagement rates is through a data-driven, omnichannel approach where patients can understand the full spectrum of their options, while care members can effectively follow up to assess patients health, behavior, and preferences in real-time.

How Does Health Hero App Deliver Better Care And Reduce Costs?
- Target social determinants of health to improve patient outcomes
- Save time triaging patients to the right resources
- Intelligent automated messaging made simple. Improve patient engagement communication with easy to use text, voice, and/or email messaging for thing like appointment reminders or post-appointment follow up
- Our platform identifies and engages with patients to assess barriers to care

- Identify service gaps and at-risk populations utilizing our health risk assessment questionnaires

- Reduce patient no-shows, maximize appointment slots, and reduce employee burnout

Health Hero's COVID-19 Crisis Response Solution

With the current global crisis, we believe there is a widespread need to receive better communication on the virus and the implications of it, which is why we developed a COVID-19 solution with our clients' needs in mind. Our Microsoft Dynamics COVID-19 solution supports your organizations efforts to assist with COVID-19 communications, questions, and concerns to ensure providers and members are equipped with the telehealth tools they need to keep patients healthy at home without having to make a trip to the hospital.

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