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Health Hero brings impactful digital health engagement platform to Microsoft Dynamics

Health Hero recently went live with its modern digital health and social determinants of health solution on Microsoft Dynamics

Our results-driven Microsoft Dynamics solution seeks to improve population health with data insights that are disease-specific and targeted towards patients social health needs. By integrating our app into your existing CRM/EHR, you can streamline patient engagement communication while managing patients' social determinants of health with ease.

Health Hero app provides an opportunity for your organization to establish longer term patient relationships so you can best align them with the right support and care they need right away. Automating your staffs workflow not only improves patient engagement, but better utilizes staffs time and energy, while improving productivity.

In What Ways Can Health Hero help your organization?

- We help you effectively engage with patients to identify barriers to care
- Easily relay social determinants to the care team to enable early interventions
- Our app can help you triage patients to the right resources

- Patient engagement communication is simplified with customized automated text, voice and/or email messaging to fit your organizations needs

- Identify service gaps and at-risk populations utilizing our health risk assessment questionnaires

- Reduce patient no-shows, maximize appointment slots, and reduce employee burnout

Health Hero's COVID-19 Crisis Response Solution

With the current global crisis, we believe there is a widespread need to receive better communication on the virus and the implications of it, which is why we developed a COVID-19 solution with our clients' needs in mind. Our Microsoft Dynamics COVID-19 solution supports your organizations efforts to assist with COVID-19 communications, questions, and concerns to ensure providers and members are equipped with the telehealth tools they need to keep patients healthy at home without having to make a trip to the hospital.

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