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HCA Healthcare's Wellness Program Reimagined

Health Hero Reimagines’ is a series we created to help companies envision what their wellness programs can look like using our choose-your-own-adventure approach. We understand there are a lot of one size fits all corporate wellness programs available in the market, but we truly believe the key to having a successful program is employee engagement, and based on our research backed data, our studies have shown that having a tailored program increases employee participation by double, while increasing overall work satisfaction.

Today, we are reimagining HCA Healthcare's Wellness Program! With over 184 hospitals, 2,000 sites of care, and in over 21 states, integrating Health Hero employee wellness app to HCA Healthcare's EHR/CRM can help thousands of employees feel recognized and appreciated. It is a known fact that most healthcare professionals take great pride in their work and work tirelessly to put their patients first, which often means they're burnt out and their health eventually suffers as a result. Having an employee wellness program where employees can be engaged at work or at home helps organizations in a myriad of ways, including driving healthy habits at work, improving physical and mental health of employees, lowering healthcare costs, driving performance, and reducing absenteeism.

Health Hero is an employee recognition and incentives platform with a focus on Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). We make it easy for organizations of any size - from 50 to 10,000 to improve the employee experience. With full visibility of the reward lifecycle—from logging activities, recognition, to team challenges that can be displayed on a leaderboard—our employee wellness app lets you measure engagement and stats related to individual and team wellbeing activities.

Health Hero app can also be customized to fit your needs, especially in a healthcare setting. We integrate with most EHR/CRM systems, as well as most chat apps such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook Messenger, to make logging activities easy for employees.

Health Hero is designed to increase well-being awareness, improve employee engagement, and create a wellness conscious work environment which translates into more happy and healthy employees. We wanted to build an all-encompassing app that thinks about the total wellbeing of an employee - physical, emotional, social, spiritual - and not just in the work environment, but also at home and in their communities.

Disclaimer: This post does not represent an official partnership with HCA Healthcare or any of its affiliates.

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