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Health Hero for Teams vs.Health Hero for Dynamics - What's the Difference?

We get asked this question a lot from our customers when they're trying to decide which app is better for their organization: What is the difference between Health Hero for Teams vs Health Hero Dynamics?

Health Hero for Dynamics is our modern telehealth solution to assist hospitals and organizations with the ability to provide well-being and engagement solutions for returning to work, COVID-19 symptom checking, safety and security, mental health, community well-being, and also deliver social determinants of health. We recommend this option if you're seeking a telehealth solution to complement with your healthcare practice.

Health Hero for Teams is our employee well-being solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams chat. Our app helps organizations of all sizes to shape a workplace culture that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual health with measurable wellbeing challenges. Increasing employee engagement in health, fitness, and mindfulness activities at work means a happier and healthier workforce!

If you would like to schedule a demo for your organization, feel free to message us here or email us at [email protected]

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