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Disney's Wellness Program Reimagined

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Disney's Wellness Program Reimagined

'Health Hero Reimagines’ is a series we created to help companies envision what their wellness programs can look like using our choose-your-own-adventure approach. We understand there are a lot of one size fits all corporate wellness programs available in the market, but we truly believe the key to having a successful program is employee engagement, and based on our research backed data, our studies have shown that having a tailored program increases employee participation by double, while increasing overall work satisfaction.

Let us start off by saying that that the entire team at Health Hero are huge fans of superheroes and comic books. Since Disney acquired Marvel a few years ago, we wanted to take the time to create a Disney Wellness Program Reimagined for one of our all-time favorite companies.

If you didn’t grow up watching, reading, or hearing about Disney, you might have heard of the other companies that fall under the Disney umbrella - ESPN, Pixar, ABC Marvel, Lucas Films - are just some of the many examples. It’s safe to say - Disney is a huge conglomerate with multiple brands, and behind the scenes is an even bigger team working hard to create products that all ages have and continue to enjoy through different generations.

One thing to take into account when creating a new wellness program is you want to honor the different properties and subsidiaries but also tie to the vision and values of the greater company. Disney has offices all over the world, which means having an engaging wellness program that every employee (no matter what location) can partake in to stay healthy and motivated should be available for use. IfDisney wanted to implement an all-inclusive employee wellness program, we would recommend using the Health Hero MS Teams App which helps to capture healthy activity with pictures to receive activity points. In other words, teams can create engaging wellness & well-being activities and challenges, which help promote a fun and healthy work environment.

Health Hero app can also be customized to fit your needs; since Disney has different properties (ESPN Pixar, ABC Marvel, Lucas Films), a tailored program can be created for each individual brand.
Other elements of the employee wellness program that we think are important are to make sure that multiple devices can be connected to the system. We know that Disney has a lot of different team members that may want to access their program but are not always in front of a computer, which is why we created the app to be mobile-friendly. Fitbits and Apple Watch’s work too!

Health Hero for Teams is designed to increase well-being awareness, improve employee engagement, and create a wellness conscious work environment which translates into more happy and healthy employees. We wanted to build an all-encompassing app that thinks about the total wellbeing of an employee - physical, emotional, social, spiritual - and not just in the work environment, but also at home and in their communities.


Disney is a brand from The Walt Disney Company. This post does not represent an official partnership with The Walt Disney Company or any of its affiliates.

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