• Health Hero COVID-19 Resources

    Health Hero integrates with your existing EHR, making it easy to create awareness and promote pandemic prevention efforts.


    We believe there is a widespread need to receive better and relevant information on the virus and the implications of it, which is why we have updated our platform to assist with COVID-19 communications, questions, and concerns to ensure providers and members are equipped with the telehealth tools they need to keep patients home and out of the hospital.

  • Smart Omniversal Health Engagement

    Easy, intuitive, and seamless. We promote a natural way of life considering the social determinants of health and by delivering engaging, simple, & powerful personalized programming - through any medium. Our programs are omnichannel, integrated, and feel human.

  • Features & Benefits

    If you feel your health engagement program can be more outcomes focused, you are in the right place. Think web, mobile, automated calls/texts, IoT, mobile apps, secure messaging, chatbots, social networks, and voice!

    Harmonized Well-being Engagement

    As an owner of well-being at your organization, you need something simple and dependable to implement and a "Hero" to guide you through the process. - That's Us!

    Social Determinants of Health as a service

    Address the chronic disease burden through evidence-based programs designed for diverse populations. Every patient's story is different.

    Modular Population Health

    Create groups based on filters such as condition, demographic information or health status, making it easier to target and manage specific patient populations in regards to chronic or acute.

    Omnichannel Outreach

    Use text, voice and/or email messaging to monitor patient behavior and provide more targeted automated outreach that feels "super human".

    Bundled Payments & Episodes of Care

    The transition from fee-for-service to a new pay-for-performance model is here. We enable success throughout the continuum of care.

    "Smart" Scalable Conversations

    Communication is important when making improvements to your health engagement program.

    Recommendations & Predictions

    Receive welcoming tailored automated text messages at the right time based on who you are and what you are doing.

    Health Outcomes

    A key starting point to any health engagement program. We facilitate the delivery of onsite biometric data collection and transfer.

    Omnichannel Health Risk Assessments

    Customized Health Risk Assessment questionnaire. Your people can understand their risk in terms of nutrition, productivity, stress, sleep, activity, and much more.

    It's #social & #fun

    Competition, Connection, & Challenge.

    Whether you are at home or at work or you don't have a smart phone or computer, Health Hero works with what you have.

  • Our Why

    We believe well-being is everything. We are a passionate team of leaders, clinicians, & technologists with decades of experience in health engagement, medicine, data science, and digital consumer experiences. We exist to make 1 billion+ happy healthy people. We are talking about saving real lives here, and doing so in the simplest, most rewarding, and loving way possible. Everything we do and promote in health engagement is driven by our values of love, greatness, and unity. A diverse organization with a triple-bottom line, we are always looking for passionate & fearless heroes that are driven to do similar - elevate the lives of others.

  • Nudges, Activities, Triggers, Resources, & Loops

    Reach out to us for a demo that is relevant for your organization.

    Health App, Fitness & Medical Device Integration

    We integrate with ALL health apps & devices (25+). From Apple Watch, Google Fit, Fitbit, the Under Armour eco-system, & everything in between.

    Incredible Rewards & Recognition

    Pay for Health Performance. Reward your people with premium reductions, Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions, gift cards, our very own vast rewards network, and beyond.

    Amazing Gamification

    Level ups, coins, hearts, points, badges, avatars, quests, oh my! What will you achieve? Your company water cooler talk just got a whole lot more fun & healthier.

    Holistic Health Challenges

    We have over 120+ healthy holistic activities that we can customize for your organization across key health areas: mind, body, financial, family, community, and spirit.

    Any Device. Anytime. Anywhere.

    Health Hero can be accessed via web, native mobile apps, and even text message. If you are a non-US based company, ask about our solution availability in your country.

    Dynamic Leaderboards

    How do you choose to compete? See who is winning by individual or by team. Compete on steps, distance, weight, intensity, challenge completion, and many more.

    Real-time Insights, Analytics, and Predictions

    Health Hero offers robust real time insights, analytics, and reporting tailored to your needs. Optimize the health of your organization, reduce administration.

    Care Circles

    Isolation is the villain. Health Hero is all about the power of inclusion. Including your friends & family in your well-being journey is important & it is free.

    A Proven Process

    When looking to make changes to your wellness programming, it is important you choose a service that has a track record of changing behavior for the better.

    Test Results

    Help patients understand the significance of their test results, such as BMI and cholesterol, and remind them when they're due for their next checkup.

  • The value-based economy is here

    Change is here. Legislation is driving trillions of dollars needing to shift in a few years from an old healthcare payment model to one that is “Fee for Value”. Enable your hospital or organization to scale chronic & episodic disease management by doing smart automated outreach via phone, text messages, and/or apps & devices.

  • We close the loop

    Ready to proceed? Get in touch today.

    Safe & Secure

    Our solution has best in class security and it is HIPAA compliant. Tap us also on how our expertise can be leveraged to improve your company profits.

    Seamless Integration

    The Health Hero system is simple & easy to integrate with. We can connect with current wellness, EHR, enterprise social network, or human capital management solution.

    Streamlined Engagement

    Automate population outreach through text and voice messaging, and save valuable time calling and following up.

    Patient Satisfaction & Sentiment

    Address cultural barriers to accepting a diagnosis and help patients self-actualize and understand factors that motivate them to change their behaviors.

    Nudges & Reminders

    Send patients pre-appointment information and appointment reminders to reduce no shows and confirm patients planning on attending their appointments.

    Batch Patient Upload

    Automatically create patient profiles using your existing data. EMRs and population health management tools can already integrate with Health Hero.

    Invincible Support & Consultation

    People helping people. Working with Health Hero grants your organization your very own dedicated "Super Team" that supports you anytime, anywhere via text, chat, phone, or email.

    Performance-Only Billing

    All that means is that we don't get paid unless we statistically show that Health Hero reduced costs & improved outcomes.

  • You know all the fun stuff we experience on our own social networks like selfie taking, commenting, liking, food snapping, and social network sharing? Yes, we have all that too.

    Well-being is everything.

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  • We are modern health engagement. We elevate one's well-being via the integration of Social Determinants of Health into their daily lives.

    If you're ready for an increase in health outcomes for your hospital or organization, contact us at (415) 653-3101 today for a demo.

    Elevate the well-being of your people today

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Health Hero Updated Privacy Policy

This updated Privacy Policy reflects Health Hero’ commitments and obligations under the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your privacy is important to us, so the goal of this policy is to be transparent about what information Health Hero collects, uses, and shares. This policy explains your rights with regards to that information. It also explains how to access and update your information, and how you can object to its use. When we refer to “Health Hero”, “we”, or “us”, we mean the Health Hero entity that acts as the controller or processor of your information.

This policy covers:

1. What information we collect and how we use it
2. How we share information
3. How we store, secure, and transfer information
4. Your data rights and choices
5. Contacting Health Hero

When we make changes to our Privacy Policy, we will revise the date at the top of this page. We may also notify you via in-app messages or by email.

General Privacy Terms and Conditions

Please address questions related to our privacy practices to
[email protected]

What information we collect and how we use it

Health Hero collects the following information about you when you provide it to us and use our services:

Account and Profile Information

When you sign up, create a profile, set your preferences, or pay for your subscription, Health Hero collects your name, username, password, email, address, company information, and any profile pictures or avatars you choose to upload.

We use this information to correctly identify you, communicate with you, and provide you with customer support. We also use this contact information for accounting and administrative purposes, for transactional emails including app and billing notifications, and to notify you about new features, releases, blog posts, and discounts.

User Created Content

As you work on your projects, Health Hero stores the content you create, send, receive, and share. This includes any assets you upload to Health Hero, such as images, icons, or logos. It also includes comments posted to your projects by you, your team members, and your collaborators.

We use this information to securely store your work, and provide access to your team members and the collaborators you designate.

Device Information and Log Data

We collect information about the type of device you use to access Health Hero, as well as your device settings, operating system, browser information, connection type, IP address, and the URLs of referring pages. Additionally, we log the date and time you access our services, as well as any error or crash data.

We use device and location information to help us optimize your Health Hero’ display and performance, provide accurate billing information, understand user demographics, and improve the overall user experience. Your log data helps us troubleshoot errors, analyze performance, resolve reliability issues, perform security audits, and investigate potential service fraud or abuse.

Payment Information

Customers that purchase a paid Health Hero subscription provide us, or our payment processors, with billing details such as credit or debit card information, banking information, and billing addresses. When you purchase a subscription through one of our payment processors, we receive only partial information about your card, and Health Hero doesn’t store cardholder information on our servers.

We use your payment information in order to fulfill, track, and manage your subscription.

Service Metadata

This data is generated automatically when you visit Health Hero. It provides us with information about how you browse our website and use our app. That includes the links you click, the search terms you use, and the features you access.

We use this metadata to help us understand how our users work, and what they find most valuable at Health Hero. We also use this information to measure the efficiency of our product, enhance our services and guide our future development.

Support Information

When you reach out to Health Hero, you may contact our team through the service of a third-party support platform. The information you provide to our team, including any troubleshooting documentation or screenshots, are saved as part of your support history.

We use this information to resolve any issues you are having, relay feedback to our team, respond to your comments and requests, and confirm your purchases and refunds. We also use this data to provide you with security alerts and technical notices.

Cookie Information

Health Hero and our third-party advertising and analytics partners use cookies and similar technologies for tracking across different devices, websites, and online services.

We use this information both for secure authentication and for the maintenance of your active sessions. Our third-party partners use cookies for the purposes of marketing, ad targeting, and performance analytics.

Integrations and Linked Services

Health Hero offers integrations with a number of third-party services. For instance, you can sign up and log into Health Hero by using Google, Slack, and other third-party authentication providers. You can also connect your Health Hero account to Google Drive and Dropbox in order to be able to export and save your projects there. We also offer add-ons to Atlassian’s Jira and Confluence platforms.

Whenever you or your account owner links to one of these third-party services, Health Hero is authorized to connect and transfer the information as specified by our agreement with that linked service.

We use this information to authenticate, connect, or link your third-party accounts to Health Hero. However, we do not receive or store passwords for any of these third-party services.

To understand what data may be shared with Health Hero when you enable these integrations, please check the settings, permissions and privacy policies of these third-party services.

Information Provided by Other Users

Other Health Hero users may provide contact information about you when they share content, or when they invite you to collaborate on a project.

We use this information to facilitate collaboration and to help you communicate with your team members and stakeholders.

How we share information

**We Do Not Sell Your Information**

Health Hero users create and share sensitive and proprietary data on our platform. Since we appreciate our users’ need for privacy, we adhere to a straightforward business model based on the offer of both paid subscriptions and free plans. This means that, no matter what Health Hero plan you choose, we will never sell information about you, your profile, your projects, nor your data and metadata, to advertising companies or other third parties.

Other Health Hero Users

Health Hero is a collaborative platform that’s designed to let you share and disseminate your work. This means you are free to invite your peers to view, comment, download, or edit collaboratively in real time, depending on the settings that you select. You can also choose to make your work publically available. In addition, you may also grant your team members project access rights that are equivalent to yours, including the ability to transfer your project ownership to a different account. Some of these collaborative features display your publicly accessible profile information to the other users you’ve invited to collaborate.

Community and Forums

Health Hero offers publicly accessible blogs and community forums. Any comments you contribute to these platforms may be read, collected or used by any member of the public who chooses to access them. Your information may remain posted on these sites, even if your account is deleted at your request.

Testimonials and Case Studies

We might contact you with a request to provide information that would appear, as a testimonial or case study, on our blog and website. In this case, we would seek explicit, written consent to use this information.

Social Media Links and Third-Party Widgets

Some Health Hero services include social media links and widgets. In order to function properly, these features may set a cookie that records the Health Hero page from which you engaged them, as well as your IP address. These features may also link to other websites or services whose privacy policies differ from ours. As a result, any information you provide to them will be governed by their policies and not this one.

Third-Party App Integrations

Health Hero users are free to allow third-party apps and integrations to connect to their Health Hero account. Once enabled, Health Hero may share information with those services. Health Hero does not control the way in which these services collect, share, or use information. Because of this, Health Hero users should review the privacy policies of all third-party services before connecting to, or use their applications.

Legal Compliance and Fraud Prevention

In exceptional circumstances, we may disclose information about you to a third party if we receive a request and believe that the disclosure is in accordance with or required by any applicable law, rule or regulation, legal process, or enforceable governmental request. We may also do so to enforce our Terms of Service, investigate potential violations, prevent and detect fraud, track and solve security or technical issues, and protect against any harm to the rights, property or safety of Health Hero, its users, or the public as required or permitted by law.

Changes in Business

If Health Hero engages in a merger, acquisition, reorganization, bankruptcy, dissolution, sale of company assets, financing, public offering of securities, or due diligence and other steps in contemplation and negotiation of such activities, we may share or transfer information that we collect under this privacy policy, subject to standard confidentiality agreements.

How we store, secure, and transfer information

Third Party Service Providers

Health Hero contracts with third party service providers. These services may require access to your information in order to help us operate, market, and support our services. For example, Health Hero uses third party services to provide hosting, maintenance, backup, virtual computing, storage, payment processing, customer support, data analytics, advertising, marketing, and other services. Our contracts with these services provide for the maintenance, confidentiality, security, and integrity of the information we share with them.

Data Security

Health Hero takes data security very seriously and implements the industry’s best practices and policies. We take all reasonable measures to protect your information and to prevent any kind of unauthorized access, misuse, loss, or disclosure.

The third-party service providers that we use for infrastructure and payment processing are ISO certified and PCI compliant, and they adhere to the same privacy and security principles as we do.

We conduct regular, manual and automated security audits. We also participate in voluntary penetration tests performed by third parties; these tests are followed by concrete, internal security policy updates and actionable engineering items for our development team. When possible, your data is also stored in anonymized form.

While no system is infallible, we strive to keep our systems secure and constantly updated.

Data Retention

Health Hero stores your information for as long as your account is active, and for a reasonable period thereafter, in case you decide to use our services again. Health Hero may also retain certain information for as long as necessary in order to support business operations, or as required by law.

International Data Transfers

Health Hero collects information internationally and uses hosting and cloud computing infrastructure located primarily in the United States to transfer process and store information. In order to provide you with our service, we may also transfer your data to third-party services. Please refer to the "List of data sub-processors" for more information about why we use those third-party services, and where they are located.

Your data rights and choices

The following is a summary of choices you can make to exercise your data rights:

Opt Out of Promotional Communications

You have the right to opt out of receiving any promotional communication. To unsubscribe from our newsletter, or other promotional emails, use the link at the bottom of the message. You can also contact us directly to have your information removed from our promotional contact list. Please note that, even if you unsubscribe, you will continue to receive non-promotional, transactional messages regarding your account and other essential services.

Access and Update Personal Information

You have the right to access and edit your profile and billing information at any time. You also have the right to rectification in case your personal data is incomplete or inaccurate. To update your information, log in to your account and use the editing tools in your Health Hero Dashboard. If you require assistance, please contact our Support team.

Right to be Forgotten

You have the right to be forgotten which means that, at any time, you can request that Health Hero permanently delete all applicable data records, including your profile information, both personal and financial, along with any user-created content. In some cases, we may need to retain partial information to fulfill our legal responsibilities, or to complete ongoing financial transactions.

Data Portability

You have the right, at any time, to request and receive the information that you have provided to Health Hero. We will provide you with your information, in a machine-readable format, so that you can make use of it in other contexts, or with other service providers.

Access Under 16 Years of Age

Health Hero’s services are not directed at children. Furthermore, we do not knowingly collect personal information from individuals under 16 years of age, unless consent is given or authorized by the holder of parental responsibility for the child. If we become aware that someone under 16 has provided us with personal details, we will take steps to delete such information. If you become aware that a child has unlawfully or unwittingly provided us with personal data, please contact our Support team.

Request That We Stop Using Your Information

Even if you have previously consented to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you have the right, at any time, to change your mind and object to the collection, use, and processing of your personal information. Additionally, you are under no contractual obligation to continue to provide any information to Health Hero. However, we require certain information in order to provide you with our services. Therefore, if you disagree with the terms of this Privacy Policy or our Terms of Service, you should stop using Health Hero, and contact us so that we may delete your information.

Contacting Health Hero

If you have any questions about Health Hero's Privacy Policy or want to make a request with regard to your information, please contact our Data Protection Officer at [email protected]

Health Hero, Inc
548 Market St, Suite 15351
San Francisco, CA, USA
[email protected]