• Automated phone calls & texts for patients & employees - via Artificial Intelligence

    A.I.-powered health - in seconds. Health Hero provides smart, multi-channel, and integrated health engagement experiences that are powerful, beautiful, and simple to deploy to patients & employees - in seconds.

  • Smart Patient & Employee Health Engagement

    Easy, intuitive, and seamless. For companies, benefit brokers, insurance companies, and hospitals, Health Hero provides smart personalized health engagement experiences that are omni-channel, integrated, and that feel human.

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  • Our Story

    We are a passionate team of leaders, clinicians, & technologists with decades of experience in health engagement, medicine, data science, and digital consumer experiences. We exist to improve the lives of millions of people around the world. We are talking about saving real lives here, and doing so in the simplest, most rewarding, and loving way possible. Everything we do and promote in health engagement is driven by our values of one-ness, beauty, and greatness. A diverse organization with a triple-bottom line, we are always looking for passionate heroes that are driven to do similar - elevate the lives of others.

  • Features & Benefits

    If you feel your health engagement program can be more outcomes focused, you are in the right place.

    Health Engagement in a Box

    Wellness Programs have traditionally been hard to implement, administer, and the results vary. We deliver "Wellness in a Box". As an owner of wellness at your organization, you need something simple and dependable to implement and a "Hero" to guide you through the process. - That's Us!

    Modular Pop Health

    Create groups based on filters such as condition, demographic information or health status, making it easier to target and manage specific patient populations in regards to chronic or acute. Ask us about our programming around orthopedics, cardiology, oncology, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

    Omni-Channel Outreach

    Send conversational messages to a group of patients once or on a recurring basis. Use text, voice and/or email messaging to monitor patient behavior and provide more targeted automated outreach that feels "super human".

    Bundled Payments & Episodes of Care

    The transition from fee-for-service to a new pay-for-performance model is here. The CMS and other industry drivers have ushered the adoption of bundled payments by providers, creating clear financial incentives to improve & coordinate post-acute care for patients. We enable success throughout the continuum of care.

    Tailored Messaging

    Address the chronic disease burden through evidence based programs designed for diverse populations. Every patient's story is different. Ensure you are sending the right person, the right message, at the right time, with ultimate empathy.

    "Smart" Scalable Conversations

    Communication is important when making improvements to your health engagement program. Leave it up to our amazing design & marketing guardians to create a customized communication campaign just for your culture.

    Recommendations & Predictions

    We are all different in our journey for optimal health. Receive welcoming tailored automated text messages at the right time based on who you are and what you are doing.

    Biometric Screenings

    A key starting point to any health engagement program. We facilitate the delivery of onsite biometric data collection and transfer. Your people get to know their health risks: obesity, blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

    Health Risk Assessments

    Customized Health Risk Assessment questionnaire. Your people can understand their risk in terms of nutrition, productivity, stress, sleep, activity, and much more.

    It's #social & #fun

    Competition, Connection, & Challenge.

    Whether you are at home or at work or you don't have a smart phone or computer, Health Hero works with what you have.

  • Smart Pop Health

    Change is here. Legislation is driving trillions of dollars needing to shift in a few years from an old healthcare payment model to one that is “Fee for Value”. Enable your hospital or organization to scale chronic & episodic disease management by doing smart automated outreach via phone, text messages, and/or apps & devices.

  • Dive Deeper...

    Reach out to us for a demo that is relevant for your organization.

    Health App, Fitness & Medical Device Integration

    We integrate with ALL the health apps & devices (25+). From Fitbit to Jawbone to Misfit, Runkeeper, Apple Health & everything in between. Don't see an app or device we integrate with? Let us know!

    Incredible Rewards

    Pay for Health Performance. Reward your people with premium reductions, Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions, gift cards, our very own vast rewards network, and beyond. Incent as often as you would like and within your budget

    Amazing Gamification

    Level ups, coins, hearts, points, badges, avatars, quests, oh my! What will you achieve? Your company water cooler talk just got a whole lot more fun & healthier.

    Holistic Health Challenges

    There is a lot more to health than just eating kale and doing crossfit. We have over 120+ healthy holistic activities that we can customize for your organization across key health areas: mind, body, financial, family, community, and spirit.

    Any Device. Anytime. Anywhere.

    Health Hero can be accessed via web, native mobile apps, and even text message. If you are a non-US based company, ask about our solution availability in your country.

    Dynamic Leaderboards

    How do you choose to compete? See who is winning by individual or by team. Compete on steps, distance, weight, intensity, challenge completion, and many more. Setting up teams can be done in less than a minute.

    Real time Insights & Analytics

    Health Hero offers robust real time insights, analytics, and reporting tailored to your needs. Optimize the health of your organization, reduce administration.

    Care Circles

    Isolation is the villain. Health Hero is all about the power of inclusion. Including your friends & family in your wellness journey is important & it is free.

    A Proven Process

    When looking to make changes to your wellness programming, it is important you choose a service that has a track record of changing behavior for the better. High participation, improved BMI & risk factors for high risk patients & employees, we have you covered.

    Test Results

    Help patients understand the significance of their test results, such as BMI and cholesterol, and remind them when they're due for their next checkup.

  • Health that is human

    You know all the fun stuff we experience on our own social networks like selfie taking, commenting, liking, food snapping, and social network sharing? Yup, we have all that too.

  • ...and yes, just a few more!

    Ready to proceed? Get in touch today.

    Safe & Secure

    Our solution has best in class security and is HIPAA compliant. Tap us also on our expertise in the Affordable Care Act and how it can be leveraged to improve your company profits.

    Seamless Integration

    Have a current wellness, EHR, enterprise social network, or human capital management solution? Great! Ask us how we snap right on to it for enhanced cultural value. The Health Hero system is simple & easy to integrate with.

    Streamlined Engagement

    Automate population outreach through text and voice messaging, and save valuable time calling and following up.

    Patient Attitude

    Address cultural barriers to accepting a diagnosis and help patients self-actualize and understand factors that motivate them to change their behaviors.


    Send patients pre-appointment information and appointment reminders to reduce no shows. Seamlessly collect RSVPs to confirm patients planning on attending their appointments.

    Batch Patient Upload

    Automatically create patient profiles using your existing data. EMRs and population health management tools can already integrate with Health Hero.

    Invincible Support & Unlimited Consultation

    People helping people. Working with Health Hero grants your organization your very own dedicated "Super Team". Imagine extending the reach & impact of your care team 1,000%. You have unlimited access and support from us anytime, anywhere via text, chat, phone, or email.

    Performance-Only Billing

    Ask about our unique shared savings pricing model and see if it is right for your organization. All that means is that we don't get paid unless we statistically show that Health Hero reduced costs & improved outcomes.

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  • Slack Integration

    Using Slack already? We've got a simple Slack fun & free health program for your company. Check it out, or get in touch about how it might fit as part of a bigger health & wellness initiative.